3 moms soul seasonings

Turune wants to remove the fear of cooking from people’s mind and spread the fresh concept of

“A novice cook can be a chef”

It all started with the undying passion for cooking.

Turune Williams, the creator of Cookin’ With T. Will, fell in love with food from an early age. With the help of his grandmother, mother, and uncles, he developed and refined his culinary abilities.

Turune learned how to combine herbs and spices while living in Detroit, Michigan, a city known for its diverse comfort foods. Turune had a catering company in Michigan, offering grilled turkeys for special events and holidays, prepared with the now-trademarked “Three Moms Soul Seasoning”.

The components needed to create the delicious turkey were in great demand, as one might anticipate. The seasoning combination gave the turkey a distinct taste that had visitors praising and wondering what the secret ingredients were.

Turune chose a different path in the culinary realm, concentrating on spice manufacturing.  His seasoning blend holds special meaning for him because his late grandmother appeared to him in a dream and provided the ingredients to make it spectacular. Turune relocated his company to Texas to focus on the research and development of the seasoning blend. Mr. Williams encourages you to experiment with and improve your favorite meals using his beloved Three Moms Soul Seasoning.

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